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Open Adoption "Birthmom" Facts and Myths

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Father's Rights in Adoption

Adoption - Father's Rights 

Just imagine having an open adoption and holding your infant son in your arms on a supervised visit.  Imagine looking into his big trusting eyes - and not being allowed to say to him "Hello, son.  I'm your Dad." 
A father is not a "birthfather" (aka birth object).  A father is the "father" of his child. 
A father who wants to take responsibility for his own child may have to fight for his rights - especially if the baby's pregnant mother is being lured into open adoption. It helps to be very prepared and take steps to preserve your fatherhood well in advance of birth - even if you aren't sure you are the father, you can still protect your rights in advance and prevent your child from being adopted.   Be sure to read the following article on father's rights:
"Birth" Fathers - Preventing your infant from being adopted without your consent  from Erik L. Smith
Language is the key to getting more babies for adoption.  The adoption industry utilizes a lexicon called "positive adoption language" that makes unrelated people appear to be more entitled to a child than his own mother and father are. 
"Birthmothers" "birthparents" and "birthfathers" are bogus terms, indicating that they have targeted you, a single parent, as the source of a baby for adopters.
Don't let them take your baby and sell him for adoption.

The status of women in a society may be partially determined by the number of women who have their babies adopted-out.

Mothers for Open Records Everywhere. Sign petition. Mothers (NOT 'birthmothers') for Open Records for Adoptees, No "birthparent" confidentiality or privacy promised or desired.