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Open Adoption "Birthmom" Facts and Myths

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Healthy American Baby for Adoption

Today's Special:
Human infant under 1 year old, in good health. 
Pumpkin carving
$10,000 - $80,000 based on age, health and race. (But don't worry, we also make part of our income from donations for our "charitable" services.)
Male, 8 months old, well cared for in the womb.  Birth object passed all drug screening tests. Take him home today - "Birth" mother and sister will not know "the difference".
Female, healthy, soon to be born, contact us immediately.
Female, white, 1 day old.  Won't last long - contact us immediately.

Dog breeders - even in the worst puppy mills - usually wait for 8 weeks or more before separating puppies from their mothers because they don't want to traumatize the puppies.
But with human infants the main concern is not the well-being of the baby or his mother, but only getting the baby to market.  If allowed to stay with his mother, might the "birth object" decide to keep him?  It would be a disaster for the agencies and attorneys who profit off adoption if moms got to keep their infants.
Some say "birthmothers" have too many rights.  Well I guess it's true.  It used to be black men counted as 1/2 or 2/3 of a man in America.  But a "birthmother" is a mere object, not human at all.  The idea of a mother having rights is preposterous - such an object is a mere vending machine dispensing babies and should have no rights at all.

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The status of women in a society may be partially determined by the number of women who have their babies adopted-out.

Mothers for Open Records Everywhere. Sign petition. Mothers (NOT 'birthmothers') for Open Records for Adoptees, No "birthparent" confidentiality or privacy promised or desired.