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Open Adoption "Birthmom" Facts and Myths

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Dear Birthmother Letters and Business Cards

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Adoption Business Cards

If you know what you're doing, finding a baby to adopt is easy.  Along with your Dear Birthmother letter you will probably want to use adoption business cards.  These cards should be distributed to friends, relatives and co-workers.  Leave them in restaurants and bars - anywhere a vulnerable "birthmother" might be found.  You'll see - adoption is easy as 1-2-3!

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How to write a great "Dear Birthmother" letter

The best "Dear Birthmother" letter will state the opposite of what you really feel. You know you can never respect a person who just "gives up" her own offspring. So, the first line of your "Dear Birthmother" letter should say:

"Dear Birthmother,

We respect your decision."

It SOUNDS like you respect her and she will think that's what you mean. Alternatively, you could include the baby's father - male birth object - by writing to "Dear Birthparent". (If you include the father by addressing your letter to "Dear Birthparent", then when you have his son in your arms, he won't feel left out.)

Next, compliment her like you are honoring a Goddess: "You are a hero for displaying so much love for your baby." (It's OK to say "your baby" at this point - let social workers refer to "it" as "the baby" as if "it" was not her child.

Next, explain that you have a right to her child: "We have lots of love to give and we have lots of other advantages that we know you can't give her - big screen TV in every room, swimming pool - ... blah, blah, blah." PLEASE do not mention the three nannys you have already planned on and do not describe yourself as "aging intellectuals with creaky bones".

Be sure to refer to yourselves as "parents" even though you have never reproduced or even changed a diaper - remember your "rights" trump the rights of people who are still able to reproduce.

Need additional assistance writing a "Dear Birthmother" letter?

If you need some help writing a "Dear Birthmother" letter or getting it listed on the internet, there is plenty of help out there.  It's sweet of them to help, isn't it? Just think of all the money people make off adoption - getting human infants for people to adopt as pets.

Adoption Gift Roses

Thinking about Adopting?

If you are thinking of adoption, then you probably want a healthy infant. But, there are not many orphaned infants available for adoption. In order to adopt, you will have to "find" a baby. Getting a baby away from her family is a tricky thing to do. Hiring an adoption agency or adoption lawyer to help you is a good idea. Adoption business cards and other means of solicitation for "birthmothers" may be helpful.

First, DO NOT think of these people you are soliciting as family members. Think of the baby's mother, grandmother, siblings, father and other relatives as "birth objects" - you must train your mind to believe that not a single one of them really cares about their child and they won't miss her at all.

In addition, tell yourself that you have equal rights to "parenthood" - as much right to their child as they do. Actually, you have MORE right because you have more money. If they keep "the baby", they are just being selfish and don't care about "it". If all that fails, just keep rationalizing that there are lots if irresponsible drug addicts out there that don't deserve to be moms and dads. (At the same time, to ensure you get a Grade A infant, insist on drug screening to rule out this possiblity.)

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The status of women in a society may be partially determined by the number of women who have their babies adopted-out.

Mothers for Open Records Everywhere. Sign petition. Mothers (NOT 'birthmothers') for Open Records for Adoptees, No "birthparent" confidentiality or privacy promised or desired.