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Open Adoption "Birthmom" Facts and Myths

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Unplanned "Crisis" Pregnancy

What is a "Crisis" Pregnancy? 

"Crisis" Pregnancy Centers are everywhere it seems - along with the associated billboards that say "Pregnant? Alone and afraid?  Call us!  Free and confidential help."  But what is a "Crisis" Pregnancy? Why are some pregnancies considered a "crisis" and others are not?
Pregnancy planning is a big thing these days.  Women are expected to delay pregnancy until their careers are established. Unfortunately women's bodies are better at pregnancy in their 20's than they are in their 30's.  Many of the women who wait too long find themselves unable to concieve or carry a pregnancy.  They may require all kinds of treatments and hospitalizations. There are risks to the baby as well when pregnancy is delayed.  Then, some women find their last resort is adoption or purchasing human eggs or sperm to create an orphan.
Meanwhile, those women who have babies as nature intended - unexpectedly and without planning it - find themselves with little moral support. There is extreme prejudice against single mothers and young mothers - outright antagonism.  The barren women who waited too long are insanely jealous. 
Women are expected to take sole repsonsibility for pregnancy prevention.  Then, too often, women have their "choices" limited to ONLY adoption or abortion.  Young and scared, some women who don't want to lose their child to adoption get an abortion.  Other women who don't want an abortion lose their child to adoption.  This is referred to as an "option".  The "adoption option".  No wonder unexpected, unplanned pregnancy is such a crisis - the keeping-your-baby "option" is rarely mentioned. 
Pregnant?  There is help for unplanned pregnancy: 

The status of women in a society may be partially determined by the number of women who have their babies adopted-out.

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