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"Dear Birthmother" Game

Sneaky "Birthmother" Coercion

Sneaky "Birthmother" Coercion
Reproductive Technologies Game
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The best "birthmother" manipulation tools,
in my humble opinion...

"Birthmother" coercion begins before pregnancy, with the federally-funded Infant Adoption Awareness Training, Adoption University high school curriculum, intense advertising for adoption and spreading of myths and rumors about single mothers. 

When a pregnant woman goes for help - to Planned Parenthood or a "Crisis" Pregnancy Center - adoption is offered as an option, as if losing your own son or daughter was no big deal. 

The  plot of this "birthmother" game?  To get more babies for adoption.  Healthy babies for adoption are in demand.  People put wealth and theri own interests first and wait too long to try for a baby - then find they are infertile.  Gay people also hope to adopt. 

By the time a woman starts looking through "Dear Birthmother" letters the game is half over.  Individual prospective adopters or adoption "professionals" will take it from there...making her believe adoption is a good healthy option.  They may  "befriend" her and try to stay in close contact, not wanting to lose the opportunity for an "adoptable" baby.  By the time her baby is born, she will be afraid to tell the adopters she has decided to keep her own beautiful son or daughter.
"Dear birthmother" - you are not a "dear birthmother".  You are the mother of your baby.  Find real help so you can remain together and your child can grow up in her own true family.

Game Creators

The developers of this "dear birthmother" game include those in power and those who profit in some way, getting payments or donations for providing adoption "services".  In addition to money, there are cultural motivations, like maintaining only families of the "family-unit" type.
To date, about 10 million mothers in the United States have been used as if they were only the source of babies for adoption. 

Tips and Cheats

Knowing the truth about the effects of adoption and the effects of open adoption is essential.  And knowing where to obtain real help for an unplanned pregnancy.  Understanding the language developed by promoters of adoption is also very helpful - a mother is not a "birthmother", "birthmom" or "lifemother" - she is the mother and parent of her child.

Mothers for Open Records Everywhere. Sign petition. Mothers (NOT 'birthmothers') for Open Records for Adoptees, No "birthparent" confidentiality or privacy promised or desired.