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"Dear Birthmother" Game

Sneaky "Birthmother" Coercion
Reproductive Technologies Game
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Pregnant?  Need real options for unplanned pregnancy and keeping your baby? Go to A Mother's Song for pregnancy help.

"Dear Birthmother"

"Dear Birthmother" is a game that people like to play, when they are hoping to find a healthy newborn baby to adopt. I love watching the sick dynamics of the game as predatory adopters prey on vulnerable women, so I've created this site to share my passion. Here you'll find reviews of the "Dear Birthmother" game, codes and cheats for current game, news about similar reproductive games: just about everything game-related that you can think of.

A mother is not a "Dear Birthmother", Dear Birth Mother", "Dear Birthparent" or "Dear Lifemother". A father is not a "Dear Birthfather".  Moms and dads are not objects meant to be used as the source of a baby for adoption. 
"Dear Birthmother" letters soliciting to get babies are just a small part of this infant adoption game. The game begins with intense advertising for adoption, long before a pregnancy even occurs.
When she's born, a baby is NOT looking for an unrelated person to care for her - she is looking for her mother.  A baby bonds with her mother in the womb.  She knows her mothers heartbeat and smell. 

Dear Birthmother letters
"birthmothers" - manipulated like child's toys

Tips and Cheats

Knowing the truth about the effects of adoption and the effects of open adoption is essential.  And knowing where to obtain real help for an unplanned pregnancy.  A mother is not a "birthmother", "birthmom" or "lifemother" - she is the mother and parent of her child.

Mothers for Open Records Everywhere. Sign petition. Mothers (NOT 'birthmothers') for Open Records for Adoptees, No "birthparent" confidentiality or privacy promised or desired.